Be Yourself!

Over centuries, for survival reasons, we got used to the idea that our survival depends on other people. We constantly look for approval. We try to be somebody else to make other people happy so they will prove to us that there is nothing wrong with us. We think that being ourselves is not enough. Only later, after a long try, we understand that we can’t make somebody love us by pleasing them.

So I believe that there is nothing wrong with you! Yes, you read it right: there is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken, so there is nothing to fix. Stop asking yourself “what is wrong with me,” “what am I doing wrong?” Stop improving yourself. As soon you think that you are fixing yourself, you prove to yourself that you are not enough, you are less.
Group of happy people. Christmas party.

Start loving yourself. Understand that everything starts from within. Many people have a problem of making themselves happy. They think it is selfish. “I shouldn’t think about myself or please me, I can’t be selfish, is not nice.” We think that by pleasing ourselves we were taking something from somebody else, we depleting them of something. That is not true.

It is very important to give. And that is how things work in this Universe. You need to give in order to receive. But you can’t just give, give and give if you don’t have it yourself. And in order to give, you need to receive. And you can’t demand from others to give it to you. You just can’t take, take and take without giving back. It should be like breathing in and out.
Receive or give. Keyboard     There are so many self-development programs that tell you what to do, how to make yourself successful, be happier, healthier. Many of them give you the whole list of things you need to do to improve yourself, to become somebody better than you. I am not saying that you should throw away all the books and programs you have. I am just telling you to use them as a tool that will help you to remember how amazing you are already.

My goal is not to make you better, or improve you. My goal is to help you to remember who you really are, how amazing you are. My goal is to make you feel better about yourself, start loving yourself, eliminate limiting beliefs that hold you back from experiencing this life happily, and get inspired to do great things in your life. Sign up for my newsletter to receive all useful exercises and tools that will help you to rediscover your true self.

And when you love yourself, appreciate who you are, you will give that love to people in your life. And by giving to others this world will become a better place!



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