How To Do Self-development Plan

Personal development plans are very popular right now. Why? Like any other plan, it helps us to define our steps to where we want to be. Personal development plans give you clarity how you will get to your goal. Plans like that can be developed not only for general well being, self-improvement, but also relationships, career, finances, relationships and so on.It is very importwhere is my life goingant to know where you are going, or you will not get anywhere. So instead of complaining how bad where you are is, do something about where you want to be!

Make time for your personal development plan, sit down somewhere where you won’t be interrupted and brainstorm. Decide what goal you want to work on: relationship, career, health or any other.

Here are four questions that you should ask yourself.

Where was I?

Before you get somewhere, you should think where you were before this moment. It can explain a lot why you are in the now and why you got here.

For example, you are single. Why did that happen? You broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It must be a reason that happened. Now ask yourself will that be an obstacle to moving forward? If you think that all man/woman don’t deserve to be loved because they hurt you, you won’t get far. Of it you think “been there done that and it didn’t work”, you will stay single forever.

So it is important to get to the point where you are not regurgitating your past. Past is your past, and the door there is closed. Forget about it.

Where am I now?

That is the time to be honest with you. Think of a topic you chose to work on and think what you don’t like about the situation. Also think what you like about it and what you would not like to change. Also think of your strengths
Portrait of a young businessman with papers around. and weaknesses. What is that you do well about it?

Also think why it is beneficial if you stay in that situation. Maybe there are limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same situation. Eliminating them should be a part of you development plan.

Where do I wish to be?

Where would you like to be in the future? In a month? In a year? Five years? Describe in details how you want your life be. If you can describe the details, great. If those details make you feel better, go for it.

But if you feel like you are not sure what you want precisely, don’t worry. Think general. Concentrate on the good feeling imagining yourself happy when you achieve your goal. Leave the details to the Universe! Your goal is to feel good about it.

What should I do to get there?

That is the time to write concrete steps and get into the action! You already know where you want to go, so how would you get there? Write it down. If you don’t know how to get there, then the first thing on your list – find out how to get there! Research! Get courses and programs that help you to achieve your goal! Ask for help; get involved with other people thriving to achieve the same goal.

When you are done with writing your development plan, you need to take action! Just writing it down won’t change your life, although it will make you clearer what you want. It is still a good step, since many people don’t get even that far! Everyday do a step. Don’t procrastinate, or you won’t get there!

If you are not sure will even follow the plan you made, just remember why would you want to be in a better place? Would you like you give more to yourself, your family, the community? Would you like to live better, heartier and richer? What would you do when you achieve your goal? The big WHY should propel you to follow the plan you made. Do it! You own it to yourself!



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