Make A Decision!

There are so many of us that complain how bad our lives are. We keep on rolling in the same day in and out. We wish it would be different. We wish something would change. But to make that change – you need to make an intention to change!

So many of us are waiting for something. For time to pass, for better times to come, for circumstances to change. And the next thing you know – you run out of time to do any changes!

We do wish it would be better. Actually, after a while, that wishing also becomes a routine! We can’t go on without wishing. WBickering Couple in Cafehen we wish of something, we already thinking as doing something towards that direction. But that is not true. Only doing something toward that direction will actually make a difference.

We think “well, when I get a better job, then I will take up that hobby.” “When I get a raise, I will ask her out.” “When my kids move out, I will start painting.” “When my husband will get better I will meet my friends again for lunch.” And so on, so on.

We just are waiting for something to happen. And guess what? It doesn’t happen. The things we wanted to do or have, we still want.Female Runner Winning Marathon

Why nothing changed? Because we didn’t make a decision for our lives to change. We think “well, that would be nice, but…” It is like our lives depend on other people. There are so many complains about how we think somebody doesn’t allow us to think or do things that we want.

But in reality – we are the ones who don’t allow us to do those things, because we are afraid. Circumstances, other people in our lives are just excuses how we justify to ourselves to keep us in the same place where we are. Even it hurts where we are right now; it is still better in the place where we don’t know what will happen. We are driven by survival instinct.

So everything depends on you. You want to live the same and safe. Or you want to take a chance and live better?

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