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The first time I heard that counting accomplishments is a good idea was from Jack Canfield, bestselling author, well known for “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series. That time a wrote a short list, 27 items and was surprised that I did that match. Today my list is way over 80!

Do you count your accomplishments every day? Well, you should!Young woman writes to black diary

Why we should do that? Because it helps our well being. Some might disagree about what it helps us with, (like ego), but I think science proved it enough that we need approval and appreciation.

If we don’t start appreciating ourselves first, then nobody else will either!

There are two accomplishment lists that I recommend you should writing it down. An accomplishment is also something that you feel proud of.

First list consists of all your life accomplishments. Scientifically proven that our brain process information better when we write it down. You can chose to write with a pen on the piece of paper or type on the computer. What ever way you chose to write the list, it should feel comfortable.

Take a piece of paper and write on top of it “My Life Accomplishments.” Then proceed with writing down all accomplishments starting your childhood till today. It can be “graduating from elementary school,” “babysitting”, “getting married”,“learning to play flute”, or “learning to swim.” Write it down all your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they are.

Pull that list everyday and read it to yourself. Read them and “savor” each of your accomplishments. Remind yourself that you can achieve things in your life, you capable and deserving!

Business man with checkboxesThe second list I would recommend writing down is dedicated only to every day, for that day only. Take a new piece of paper and title it “”My Accomplishments For Today.”

For this list is a good idea to have a small notepad for easy access, or can write a note on your cellphone. Again, what ever makes you feel more comfortable.

Make a list of all things that you need to do today. Starting from “waking up”, “getting ready to work”,”drive to work”, “making 5 sales phone calls”, “ picking up the kids”, “ do meeting friend” and so on. As you go on accomplishing them, cross them off your list. As the day proceeds, savor your progress.

Mark Waldman says: “Each time you accomplish something – even the smallest task – your brain secrets a little dopamine (the pleasure neurotransmitter) into your consciousness. You’ll feel more motivated and if you deliberately take a moment to appreciate each tiny goal you’ve achieved throughout the day, you’ll train your brain to seek greater goals and rewards. “

That all it takes you get your mood elevated. It works magic for me! I hope it will work for you to!

Now, go write on and write those lists!

Oh, and don’t forget to mark off your list “read an inspirational blog.”


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